Morgan Hawke

What dreams
make You writhe in the night?

Tall sinister strangers enshrouded in shadows waiting just out of sight, only for you?

Elegant seductresses with carmine nails and wind-blown tresses who hunger for your passion as you need food and drink?

The powerful and dangerous embrace of a werewolf under the full moon?

A sweet sharp kiss from full pouty lips hiding curved fangs?

Sorceresses in dragon-scaled armor to take you against your will and make you howl your delight?

Arrogant ghosts in wine-colored frock coats who chill your skin and thrill your blood?

Step into Dark Erotica.Net and into my shadowed Erotic Visions, but tread lightly. Vampires, werewolves and powerful demonesses populate the landscape of this domain. Heed the posted warnings, and choose your path wisely.


Keep Morgan Writing!

Hello friends and readers.
What many of you may not know was that
I was in a car accident...

I truly hate to ask this, but please, if you can spare it, I need help. I am about to lose my apartment.

For the full story of what happened to me,
Click the link above.



from Loose Id Books

The Interstellar Service & Discipline

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Lost Star - Victorious Star - Fallen Star - Fortune's Star



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Morgan Hawke never met a boundary she didn’t want to push. In VICTORIOUS STAR she proves it, with one of the most remarkable erotic romances I’ve ever read. Morgan creates a complex, fascinating science fiction universe, then adds three strong-willed and sensual characters locked in a delicious battle for supremacy. If you’re anything like me, it will fascinate you, it will shock you, and it will turn you on. You definitely won’t be bored.”

Angela Knight
Best-selling Erotic Romance author


"Morgan captures the fantasy of vampire erotica so well...
No other author that I have come across has enabled me to escape from mundane life and revel in the lusty lair of vampires than dwelling within Morgan's realm."

Lia Carla
WebMistress, VampireErotica.Net - UK


"In my humble opinion, Morgan is the mistress of b@stard-heroes without them ever getting into the often lamented @sshole category (alpha does not mean @sshole-jerk-freak-male). They may be b@stards, without question, but then they are also playful, kind, raunchy (oh yes!), sensual, caring and above all sexy. The controlling aspects make them only more attractive, somehow.”

Dedicated fan


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